the OC. Maryland-style.


With less than a week left before my move to San Francisco, two of my best girlfriends and I made the trek out to one of the girl’s parents’ houses at Ocean City. The trip had been in the works for several months, and when we finally went, there was a general bailout from several of the girls, so it just ended up being the three of us. But it was still super fun. Ah, I wish they could have come to SF with me…

Our first night, we ended up going to the Marina Deck Restaurant where I started the night off with their Cream of Crab soup… And MM! This has got to be one of the most fabulous soups I’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting. All three of us agreed. It was delicious.

I’m a poor student with many loans, so I opted for a meal that was a little lighter and not so heavy on the seafood side. This was their Tropical Salad. A bit overly sweet, but I love pineapple and mandarin orange, so I wasn’t complaining too much. 😀

And the next morning, we managed to get up for the sunrise… Ah. I miss you guys! ❤

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