Mon Ami Gabi, avec Harvey!


Apologies for the lack of updates recently– I just moved cross country to begin attending law school at UC Hastings, and the past few weeks have been absolutely hectic with the stresses of packing my life into four suitcases (empty, they look so big, but full… they’re so small!), flying to California, buying furniture, and then meeting and greeting all sorts of amazing people who will be my classmates for the next three years.

So I have a lot of catching up to do.

The next couple of posts will be all about what happened in the weeks prior to my major transplantation. This episode? A lunch trip with my former boss from the BVA, Harvey!

Mon Ami Gabi is a chain restaurant, I think, but it still has pretty good food. It was gorgeous out, so we opted to eat outside (a total plus for me, since natural lighting is best for photographing food).

For an appetizer, we had a roasted artichoke. I had actually never eaten an artichoke before, so this was quite a new experience. Artichokes are so large for so little actual meat!

In the end, we got to the last little section of the artichoke. It looks a little bit like a green rose, doesn’t it?

In addition, Harvey ordered escargot (snails).

Personally, I had given up meat for a week that week, so I didn’t eat any of the snails. I have eaten them before, however, and I think they taste like… garden salads. Does anyone agree?

My main course was a spinach-cheese crepe with roasted walnuts and raisins. Not too bad, although I think they could have added a little more in with the spinach (although, I do love spinach).

Harvey’s sandwich… I have forgotten what was in it. It looked pretty good though, and it came with…

…frites. Which were delicious.


One Response to “Mon Ami Gabi, avec Harvey!”

  1. 1 Jenn

    Mmmm artichokes are my favorite!! They are totally a california food – the only reason I grew up loving them is cause my mom hails from socal and made them all the time while growing up – try them grilled sometime, that’s my favorite way to eat them!

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