In brief, Disneyworld…


Ah, Disney. It’s already been three weeks since then, and I still haven’t posted! My sincerest apologies– but here I go!

To tell the truth, there aren’t that many pictures of food from Disneyworld. As most tourists are wont to do, we ended up spending most of our time trying to enjoy as much of the parks as possible, which meant that we ate at buffets and fast food restaurants for most of the week– nothing really worth talking about. I do wish we had spent a bit more time food-wise, but… eh, next time, perhaps? (Assuming, of course, that we will go to Disneyworld again)

But among fast food, I must note one of my favorite:

I adore funnel cake. I also know it clogs my arteries full of unhealthful fats, but when I’m at amusement parks or at the beach, I don’t really care. I want my fatty, and I want it now! Haha. My brother saw a funnel cake with chocolate ice cream or syrup on it, but didn’t get a chance to try it. I found a recipe for funnel cake online once… one day when I am brave enough to handle a vat of boiling oil, I am going to try it.

Another deliciously sinful delight we indulged in our first day at Disney was ice cream. My mother and I shared a dulce de leche ice cream sundae (sans chocolate sauce), and everyone else (namely, my brothers) dug into a large chocolate sundae with the works. Heh.

The above images were from our first day in Disney– in Magic Kingdom, actually. Our three day trip began in Magic Kingdom, and then went on to Hollywood Studios our second day, and finally we ended in Epcot on our last day, taking some of the time on our last day to play in Typhoon Lagoon.

We didn’t eat anything spectacularly interesting at Hollywood Studios– I wanted to get a turkey leg, but somehow we never contrived to be in the right place at the right time.

As for Epcot (the one amusement park I never seem to be able to finish because we either (1) get there too late to enjoy it all, or (2) we leave early to finish anything more than one or two rides. In our rush, however, we did manage to make it to Germany for lunch and try the food there.

My bratwurst was juicy and much more flavorful than my brothers’ frankfurters…

But they were all yummy when the saurkraut was added. I thought it would be a bit more sour than it was though. Hm.

And as “dessert,” I got a large pretzel, which was mostly finished by yours truly…

Later that night, after rushing back to Epcot for dinner and fireworks, my brother treated me to dessert:

Wheeheehee! Ah, Disney was fun. As our first real family vacation in a decade, I will have to rate this trip as a complete success… and I’m already planning our next trip! Any suggestions on where to go…?


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