On the way to Florida, we stop in Savannah, Georgia… and eat.


My family is taking a rare vacation together this year. We rarely go on trips together– in fact, we never really take “real” vacations. They’re all just mini day trips into the city or somewhere relatively local. The furthest we’ve traveled was to Toronto, and even that was when I was in high school– oh so many years ago. But after many years of talk, my pending departure for the West Coast has prompted a more active approach to our remaining time together (read: I finally decided to push my dad to help plan a family vacation together). So, early Tuesday morning, my family loaded our Toyota Sienna and began the long trip down to… *dumdumdummmm* ORLANDO, FLORIDA!

Yup, we’re going to DISNEYWORLD! But because of the long car ride there (13 total hours), we decided to split the travel to Florida into two days and stop by Savannah, GA, on our way down.

There isn’t much to say about our road trip down– it was relatively uneventful. But I must say that Savannah is a very beautiful town. We got in kind of late, so we ended up finding a little restaurant called the Savannah River House to eat dinner in.

The house salad came with our (pretty expensive, although it was seafood, so I guess kind of understandable) dinners. It was pretty good, but a bit heavy on the dressing side. But my littlest brother ate his, which must say something, since he isn’t a salad person.

My brother and I shared an entree. This was the Peppered Shrimp Saute, which was an excellent choice on his part. I am also extremely glad we shared the dish, because it was huge. It was flavorful, and the shrimp was tender.

Apparently Savannah River House is known for their desserts. So we couldn’t leave before trying something! This is their banana bread pudding. Very banana-y. Very pudding-y. I wish it were warm, but seeing as how it was 10pm and the kitchen was closing, I couldn’t complain. It was still tasty.


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